Check out September amenities at Eco Green Saigon, District 7

Join VIProperty to welcome the appearance of September Eco Green Saigon utilities coming soon this September, of many valuable stores and services. Let’s explore with VIProperty now!

Checklist of new amenities in September at Eco Green Saigon apartment complex

Spa-Beauty care center

After a stressful day of work, surely residents living at Eco Green Saigon really want to relax and restore energy.. Spa and beauty care centers are great places to meet those needs.

It has been proven by science that spa massages release serotonin, which helps promote a sense of relaxation. For fitness enthusiasts or athletes, massages also help reduce the risk of cramps and tense muscles.

Other benefits of spa treatments include exfoliation, improved blood circulation, detoxification, and pain relief for chronic diseases such as joint inflammation.

September Eco Green Saigon utilities picture 1

Fortunately, for Eco Green Saigon residents, a new beauty and spa service has just opened in September at Shophouse 04, M2 Building, called MT Young-Beauty Center. This place offers many different spa and beauty services for customers to choose from. This center offers a variety of spa and beauty services for customers to choose from, including rejuvenating hair treatments, nail care, hot stone massages, skincare, waxing, hair removal, and more. MT Young-Beauty Center is poised to become a favorite destination for spa enthusiasts.

On August 31st, MT Young-Beauty Center offered a 100,000 VND voucher to its first customers. In the future, there will likely be more promotions for residents to enjoy, so be sure to keep an eye out for these great offers! Surely in the future, there will be many more incentives for people here, so don’t forget to follow and hunt for these promotional opportunities from MT Young!

When talking about apartments, it is impossible not to mention convenience stores and mini supermarkets. These stores contribute a large part in people’s daily lives, helping them buy many different types of products from fast food, and fresh meat to stationery and household appliances,… without having to go to many different places.

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Mini Supermarket

Convenient stores are located right on the ground floor of the apartment complex, making it easy for residents to shop. Moreover, with 24/7 service and various payment methods, these convenience stores have become the top choice for many apartment dwellers.

Eco Green Saigon's September amenities picture 2

At Eco Green Saigon, a new convenience store has opened at Block D, Building HR2, called Home Mart. Home Mart provides a variety of fresh and high-quality products, serving various needs of residents.

Furthermore, on September 9th, a local Kingfoodmart supermarket branch will officially open. Located in Block A – Building HR1, Kingfoodmart specializes in offering various products, including imported and exported food, fresh vegetables, Vietnamese fruits, as well as household items for daily housework.

To celebrate the opening of the Eco Green Saigon branch, Kingfoodmart has launched a series of promotions and attractive gifts during its first 4 days. Make sure to seize these offers before they expire!

Children’s Playground

For families with young children, amenities like children’s playgrounds and entertainment spaces are crucial. These areas not only promote physical development but also help children build social skills through playing and interacting with their peers.

Playgrounds also encourage creative thinking and problem-solving as children explore and experiment. All of these elements contribute to creating a fun environment and fostering holistic child development.

New amenities in September at Eco Green Saigon

Located in the HR1 Building at Eco Green Saigon, the indoor children’s playground is currently under construction and is expected to open in September. Including a variety of fun games such as slides, ball houses, rope climbing, and many other obstacles, this promises to be a solution to improve children’s mental and physical health.

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