Eco Green Saigon recently won three prestigious awards at the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

Eco Green Saigon recently won three prestigious awards at the Asia Pacific Property Awards.

During the online Red Carpet award ceremony of the Asia Pacific Property Awards held in the UK on September 7th, the Eco Green Saigon mixed-use development project, owned and developed by Xuan Mai Saigon, was honored with three prestigious awards.

As part of the International Property Awards, an annual global real estate award that recognizes businesses in the real estate industry worldwide, the Asia Pacific Property Awards is always a highly anticipated event for brands in the region.

After surpassing multiple rounds of rigorous evaluation by an international jury consisting of top experts in real estate, architecture, design, and consultancy, Eco Green Saigon, a high-end commercial, service, hotel, and residential complex located in a prime location with world-class internal amenities, high-quality furnishings, and a green and sustainable living environment, was honored with three prestigious awards: Best Mixed-Use Architecture, Best Residential High-Rise Development, and Best New Hotel Construction & Design.

With its prime location in the southern part of Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City) and its philosophy of creating a green and sustainable environment for residents, Eco Green Saigon impressed the jury with its unique architectural design resembling giant wind-catching fans, providing cross ventilation for over 90% of the apartments. The floor-to-ceiling windows optimize natural light, ensure air circulation, and create a close connection with nature, suitable for singles, young families, and multi-generational households.

The unique architectural style at Eco Green Saigon is also demonstrated through modern technology, with Solar Control glass that not only provides sound insulation, thermal insulation, and UV protection but also creates a sense of spaciousness and expansion. Moreover, the construction design without interior concrete columns, unlike traditional construction methods, optimizes the functionality and usable area of each apartment.

Notably, Eco Green Saigon is a rare project in the market that features the Eco Green Tower, a 69-story tower consisting of high-end apartments, offices, a commercial center, and a 5-star hotel managed by Hyatt, a renowned American hotel management company. This tower is expected to become one of the most impressive architectural landmarks in Ho Chi Minh City in the near future. The unique design by Decibel Architecture (Australia), which resembles a majestic lighthouse by the Saigon River, was awarded the first prize by the Ho Chi Minh City Department of Planning and Architecture. It was also the reason why the Eco Green Saigon 69-story tower received recognition at the Asia Pacific Property Awards with the Best New Hotel Construction & Design award.

In addition, the reputation and experience of Xuan Mai Saigon in the real estate market, along with key partners and modern construction technology, as well as a comprehensive value chain, are crucial factors contributing to the success of the project.

“After the success of Eco Green Saigon at the Property Guru Awards last year, winning at the Asia Pacific Property Awards this time is a recognition of Xuan Mai Saigon’s position in the international market. This victory is a strong encouragement for us to continue innovating and providing memorable living experiences for residents,” said Mr. Duong Tan Truoc, Deputy General Director of Xuan Mai Saigon.

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