Introduction to Xuan Mai Corp – Eco Green Saigon Developer

For almost 40 years, Xuan Mai Corp has been dedicated to developing great projects. Evolved from a small enterprise into a multifaceted conglomerate operating across various sectors, it is proudly recognised as one of Vietnam’s most reputable brands in construction and real estate investment.



Established on November 29, 1983, Xuan Mai Corp began as a large concrete panel manufacturing plant. Since then, the company has progressively grown to be among Vietnam’s leading entities in Construction, Real Estate, and Energy. The corporation strategically focuses on three primary sectors: becoming a trusted Real Estate Developer, a professional Energy Investor, and a top-tier EPC Contractor in Vietnam. Operating within a parent-subsidiary model with 8 member companies, Xuan Mai Corp provides a comprehensive value chain.

Introduction to Xuan Mai Corp
Overview of Xuan Mai Corp

At present, Xuan Mai Corp boasts a workforce of nearly 2000 employees and holds total assets valued at 4,530 billion VND.

This corporation has distinguished itself in the realm of development and construction, elevating standards and reshaping the industry landscape, setting a new benchmark in delivering top-notch services and fostering reliable relationships.


Investment Projects of Xuan Mai Corp

Xuan Mai Corp is renowned as one of the leading reputable construction conglomerates in Vietnam, known for several landmark projects in both the Northern and Southern regions, including:

Northern Market

  • Rose Town Ngoc Hoi: Commenced in 2018, this venture encompasses apartment complexes, townhouses, and office spaces for lease in the Southern Hanoi region, with a total construction area of 40,000m2. The project features modern, elegant designs, spacious green areas, and amenities like parks, pools, children’s playgrounds, and green gardens. Its goal is to provide a tranquil, nature-integrated lifestyle for the residents.
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Rose Town Ngoc Hoi – Xuan Mai Corp
  • Xuân Mai Tower, Thanh Hoa: 9,775.8m2 in size and delivered in 2020, this upscale residential complex in the prime location of Thanh Hoa City is conveniently connected to surrounding amenities. Offering exclusive value, Xuân Mai Tower Thanh Hóa is poised to redefine the living standards for the local community.
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Xuân Mai Tower, Thanh Hoa
  • Xuan Mai Complex Apartments: This project follows the success of Xuân Mai Spark Tower and is also constructed by the company. Designed for individuals with moderate incomes, the quality of the apartments at Xuân Mai Complex is widely praised, rivalling numerous high-end apartment projects in the Hanoi region. The complex has top-tier amenities including commercial zones, rental offices, and various services, providing residents with convenient daily living facilities.
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Xuan Mai Comflex apartments

Southern Market

Lately, the real estate scene in Southern Vietnam has become enticing due to its outstanding developmental potential. However, many investors are still wary of diving into this market due to concerns about risks and the difficulty of finding groundbreaking projects.

A pioneering project in this context could be a distinctive real estate endeavour, possessing a prime location and high growth potential. Ideally situated near shopping centres, schools, hospitals, and other public amenities, such projects offer a distinct advantage in attracting both residents and investors.

One of those projects is Eco Green Saigon. This complex in District 7, Ho Chi Minh City is designed with modern, sophisticated architecture and convenience in mind. The residential and service apartments are fully equipped with top-notch amenities such as swimming pools, gym facilities, children’s play areas, and lush green spaces, creating an ideal and coveted living environment for residents.

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Eco Green Saigon apartment – Xuan Mai Corp

What’s more, the Eco Green Saigon project is developed and constructed according to international standards, ensuring quality and safety for its residents. The infrastructure and transportation systems surrounding the project are significantly invested in and developed, providing convenient connectivity with neighbouring areas.

With these remarkable advantages, Eco Green Saigon has emerged as a lucrative project that attracts investors’ attention. The success of this project has also paved the way for other potential real estate ventures in the Southern market.


Strategic Direction of Xuan Mai Corp

It is seen as Xuan Mai’s business philosophy to deliver high-quality projects that enhance value for partners and clients, contributing to positive and broad-reaching societal changes.

With a commitment to being a leading general contractor alongside real estate and energy investments, Xuan Mai Corp persistently innovates and endeavours to evolve its systems.

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Xuan Mai Complex apartment – Xuan Mai Corp

Alongside a dedicated workforce rich in experience and devotion, maintaining a pioneering position in applying technology to manufacturing and construction processes is the key to Xuan Mai Corp’s ability to overcome future challenges.

It aspires to be a foremost investor, developing reputable and professional real estate and energy projects in Vietnam. By continually adopting the latest technology and modern construction materials in its projects, the company aims to progressively extend its reach into the Southeast Asian and Continental regions.



Xuan Mai Corp stands as a reliable and trustworthy entity worth investing faith in. With years of expertise in its field, the conglomerate has earned recognition in the construction industry, acknowledged by both clients and partners.

The corporation’s integrity is evident through its commitment to adhering to legal regulations and ethical business conduct. It prioritizes the best interests of its clientele and pledges to deliver top-notch products and services. The workforce is meticulously selected and extensively trained, ensuring professionalism in every service phase.

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