Prime location of Eco Green Saigon Project

To decide whether an apartment project has good profitability in the future depends on many factors, such as: location, design style, or utilities that the project has to offer, etc, in which the location of the project is one of the factors that many customers and investors are interested in in the process of learning about the Eco Green Saigon project.

Location: Eco Green Saigon project is located in front of Nguyen Van Linh street, in Tan Thuan ward, District 7, Ho Chi Minh City. With its location right in front of this arterial road, from the project residents can easily move to the central area of ​​District 1 and other districts in the city such as: District 2, District 4, District 8. Nguyen Van Linh Boulevard is a large, multi-lane road with a stable road surface without potholes, no traffic jams, flooding and direct connections to many key traffic routes in the area. It is this facade location that has brought a lot of convenience to residents when living here. This facade location also helps residents in trade, trade, study and even the environment at the project.

Eco Green Saigon project is adjacent to the surrounding international and public school system such as: RMIT University, Ton Duc Thang University, etc. With this school system, residents can be assured of the quality of the school as well as the learning environment here. Your child will be taught with a team of teachers with many years of experience in the profession and the most modern and advanced facilities. Not only serving students from surrounding universities, Eco Green Saigon also owns two preschools and primary schools such as Pathway Tue Duc and Kim Dong primary school, which helps parents when living at Eco Green Saigon no longer have to worry about transporting their children while living here.

In addition to the favorable location, the natural conditions of the South Saigon area also create new development possibilities for this area: a dense system of canals, located near Can Gio protection forest – the green lung of Ho Chi Minh City. This is a very ideal condition for eco-urban development. In the future, this place will become a “diamond” real estate area, because the better the use of natural elements will increase the real estate value. This is the trend of modern real estate. In addition, it is the model urban area of ​​​​Phu My Hung – the darling of real estate in the whole city that has created momentum for the whole South Saigon area, creating confidence for investment projects with the dream of building a place to live. This becomes a dynamic special economic zone, bearing the color of a river city in the South.

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Tiện ích tháng 9 eco green sài gòn

Check out September amenities at Eco Green Saigon, District 7

Join VIProperty to welcome the appearance of September Eco Green Saigon utilities coming soon this September, of many valuable stores and services. Let’s explore with VIProperty now! Mục lục1 Checklist of new amenities in September at Eco Green Saigon apartment complex1.1 Spa-Beauty care center1.2 Mini Supermarket1.3 Children’s Playground Checklist of new amenities in September at

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Take a closer look at the amenities at Eco Green Saigon

Amenities contribute to tenants’ lives being more enjoyable and livable. The amenities of Eco Green not only cover basic necessities but also provide highly high-class facilities, meeting all of the inhabitants’ living demands. Let’s take a look at some outstanding amenities at Eco Green Saigon with VIProperty: Eco Green Central Park is 3.5 hectares wide

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Smart design of Eco Green Saigon

From the very beginning, the Eco Green Saigon project was designed and filled with green space. This project has been favored for a very large area for the park and the internal landscape to serve the residents here. This factor helps residents live in a fresh space, blending with nature in the heart of modern

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Leasing price of Eco Green Saigon Project in 07/2023

Eco Green Saigon project is right in front of Nguyen Van Linh Street, Tan Thuan Tay Ward, District 7, the gateway area connecting Saigon’s three largest urban areas, District 1, Thu Thiem, and Phu My Hung. Residents can easily get to the center of District 1 from the project via Nguyen Tat Thanh street (width

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