Smart design of Eco Green Saigon

From the very beginning, the Eco Green Saigon project was designed and filled with green space. This project has been favored for a very large area for the park and the internal landscape to serve the residents here. This factor helps residents live in a fresh space, blending with nature in the heart of modern Saigon.

Modern design with outstanding open space

Each building in the Eco Green Saigon project has 4 open sides. They are designed with 3 sides shaped like giant propellers. This helps the buildings enjoy natural air to each apartment.

Eco Green Saigon towards a space close to nature

Plus Architecture design company from Australia designed the landscape of the Eco Green Saigon project. With the policy of designing in a modern, friendly architectural style and taking advantage of elements from nature, the core of the project is a prominent park with an area of ​​​​over 2 hectares and Huong Tram Park with a large scale up to 21 hectares. This park also becomes a natural air-conditioning area for the entire project besides creating a cool and spacious space. Contributing to creating a green – fresh living environment for project residents in particular and District 7 in general.

Eco Green Saigon pays great attention to the design of each apartment. Almost 100% of the apartments are corner apartments with 2 open fronts. In each apartment, there are about 4 to 5 windows, loggia to catch the sun and natural wind.

The investor also highly appreciates the use value of each apartment.

All interior design, common living area, area in the rooms are calculated in quite detail. Every area in the house is optimized for the most convenience for the owner. In particular, up to about 2/3 of the area is used as a common place.

Not only that, with the unique design of diagonal cubes, the apartment is 2.5 times brighter than usual. The bedrooms and kitchen areas of the apartments are arranged with appropriate area and arrangement, ensuring the feng shui factor as well as the aesthetics of each apartment.

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